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Multiple Orgasms

Women who have mastered the art of achieving one orgasm can now aim at achieving two!

The multiple orgasm is not a myth. Just as all women have the ability to experience one orgasm, they also have the ability to experience many.

There are two types of multiple orgasms:

1. Sequential Multiples

  • A series of climaxes that come close together (2-10 minutes apart)
  • There is an interruption in arousal before the first and second orgasm
  • Common scenario for this type is oral sex climax followed by climax in intercourse

2. Serial Multiples

  • Orgasms come one after the other (separated by seconds without interruption in arousal)
  • Occurs during intercourse when all the right spots are being stimulated (i.e. clitoris, G-Spot)

RomanceA woman’s ability to have multiple orgasms depends on many factors that she and her partner can work on together:

• Comfort Level: A woman will not orgasm once, let alone twice, if she is not comfortable with her partner and/or her surroundings. Creating a romantic atmosphere and kissing and cuddling can help. It is always important for a partner to address his wife’s or girlfriend’s needs before any hope of multiple orgasm can be realized.

• Energy Level: If a woman is too stressed or fatigued she will not invest the energy in achieving orgasm. She and her partner may try to lower stress levels by setting a romantic mood. For instance, bubble baths and massages are always good stress relievers.

• Sexual Technique: Certain positions are considered to be more helpful than others are when it comes to achieving one orgasm or multiple orgasms. Recommended techniques include the missionary position, woman on top positions, and rear-entry positions. A couple can experiment with these different positions to see which works best.

• Body Awareness: In order for any woman to achieve an orgasm she must be fully aware of her own body. While her partner can help her with foreplay and positioning, the woman alone is responsible for her orgasmic response. Masturbation is a good way of gaining bodily awareness. This technique allows a woman to become acquainted with her own body and to learn its particular responses to certain types of stimulation. Informing her partner of what she best responds to will help in achieving orgasm.



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