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Female Orgasm

While many women are sexually satisfied, up to 43% of women suffer difficulty reaching female orgasm. Most women have at one time or another faked an orgasm. Some women do this because they feel the truth would be a blow to their partners' ego, while others feel they may be frigid and would lose their partner if he found out.

The fact is that a female orgasm is possible for every woman to attain. It does not mean that you are "frigid" if you are experiencing problems; being open and honest with your partner is necessary so that together the two of you can explore various other solutions.

Female orgasm is possible for any woman.Emotional Needs
Everyone has different emotional and sexual needs; for many women the two are tied together. If a woman is unfulfilled emotionally she may have trouble achieving an orgasm. This is what is commonly referred to as sexual barriers. Some women feel pressured, especially if her partner considers it a problem. She can become so stressed out over it that she may be unable to relax enough to truly enjoy herself during sex.

Many men want to get to the root of the problem because they want to please their partners but due to a lack of communication they may not know what to do to make it right. Keeping problems hidden from your lover can create big issues in a relationship that may result in intimacy problems.

The issue of "not enough foreplay" is a common complaint amongst women. A female orgasm can be reached in as little as a few minutes if there is enough foreplay. Many women also need to be approached in a loving romantic way. They want to be caressed, tenderly; a woman can shut down sexually when she feels she is being groped or pawed or entered prematurely.

There are natural sexual supplements available on the market that are specially formulated to raise levels of progesterone in women, that can help to enhance a woman's sexual sensitivity, increase her sexual stamina helping her to achieve more frequent and more powerful orgasms. There are also sexual "toys" and lotions that can also be used to make lovemaking a better experience for both partners.

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